If you have the authority to connect 3rd party applications to your customers accounting software, you can connect a customer in a few minutes. 

  1. In your advisor dashboard click “Add Customer”.
  2. Provide your account log in details and you will be taken to the Xero authorisation page.
  3. Select the customer file you want to connect from the drop down menu.
  4. Return to the Skippr dashboard and select the bank accounts that drive the Cash In Bank figure for your customer.
  5. Please wait 3-5 minutes while we prepare the data.

Do you want to give your customer access to the tool also? 

Once the file is connected, you can Invite Customer by inputting their name and email. They will receive an email from Skippr asking them to sign-in. Here they create their own password to the account and then can access the finance dashboard directly.

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