This could be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. You haven’t reconciled your payments in Xero yet. This skews the cash in bank and ledger positions. Reconciliation is first critical step to any cash flow management process.
  2. Skippr updates the ledger data every hour from time it was first connected. Hold fire, it will appear. Important to note bank balance data is updated every 24 hours as Xero pulls this once a day from the banks.
  3. Your Xero integration may have failed. Usually Skippr makes you aware of this so you can reconnect. If it is not connected the Skippr cash flow data will be out of date. Get in touch if you are still having issues.
  4. Data filters sometime filter certain invoices out of the ledgers. The only filter currently in place is one that removes invoices that have a 95%+ payment made against them. These are deemed as fully paid so taken out of the Skippr forecast.
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