Connecting your new Skippr account to Xero is easy and should take a few minutes. 

  1. Sign up using a business email, a unique password and select Xero as your accounting platform.
  2. You will be redirect to a secure landing page you will be asked to provide your Xero login details. These details are not seen by Skippr or saved.
  3. You will be asked to select the entity you want to connect to Skippr. Once selected you will redirected back to Skippr. 
  4. Now connected, Skippr is pulling in your data to populate the tool. While waiting you will be asked to selected which bank accounts drive your “Cash In Bank”.
  5. Once selected you will be taken to a waiting page where you can view the “Get Started” video. Once we have pulled all the data in, you will receive an email stating the account is ready.
  6. Refresh the page or log back into the account. Now you are ready to start using the tool. Click here to learn how to make a realistic forecast.
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